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Whether in the form of a presentation or an interactive workshop, choose from the following topics:

Pigs, Politics and Diet Coke: stories from a Recovering Farmer
Through various tales of farming, relationships, and raising a family find out what Gerry has to offer through the telling of his story. Serious, humorous, or a touch of both.

Around the Kitchen Table
How often does communication play a factor in our business dealings, in our relationships, in our every day life. Find out what your style of communication is. Particularly around the kitchen table.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors
When communities struggle whether through financial difficulties, loss of a loved one, loss of services or numerous other challenges, how can we help each other?

Relationships R Us
Need I say more? Gender differences play a major role in relationships. We need to recognize them for relationships to grow.

Stress Management
Stress has an insidious way of diminishing the enjoyment of life. Through the 6 R's of Stress Management learn how to overcome these challenges. If you dare.

Work/Life Balance
We live in a fast paced world. The demands on us keep increasing. How do we bring back a sense of balance in a topsy turvy world?

Surviving Tough Times
Often times in life we are dealt cards that we don't want, we did not ask for, and quite frankly, we don't know how to deal with. Find out how to live a more fulfilling life in spite of the cards we are dealt.

Conflict Management
Whether at work, at home or at play, conflict is a part of our lives. How we deal with conflict plays a significant role on our fulfilment of life. Learning and utilizing certain tools can enhance that life.

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